You’re just a side chic, can’t you keep a secret – Portable slams Ashabi

Controversial Nigerian musician, Habeeb Okikiola better known as Portable has lashed out at his fourth baby mama, Ashabi Simple, over her latest interview.

CorrectNG reported days ago that while having a chat with actress Biola Bayo, the baby mama explained why she is okay being with Portable despite him having 7 other women.

In reaction to her comments, Portable said she was wrong for going about and telling people things about their relationship that ought to be a secret.

Portable Ashabi Simple side chic

He said he is a responsible family man with wife and children, and she never foughtb any of his mistresses, whereas Ashabi who is just a side chic does not know her place.

The ‘Clear’ crooner wondered if he has done something wrong by accepting the actress’ child after she informed that she was pregnant.

In a video posted on his Instagram story, Portable said; “Which useless interview were you granting? You are just a side chick. I’m a responsible man and I have a wife at home with children.

You got pregnant and I accepted your baby. Have I done bad? My wife has never for once fought any of you. Do you know how many women had kids for me? They are more than seven. Even if they are asking you unnecessary questions, must you cast your relationship?

You can never be like my wife. Are you the only side chic I have? You can never stand beside my wife. If they trained you and you didn’t learn, why not return home for more training?

I have a real housewife nau, do you know how many wives I have and I’m responsible for? Any responsible man who is with his side chic needs to talk about his wife and kids so that they know he is responsible.

So why are you asking me why I’m talking about my wife? Have our families already joined us together? The woman that owns the husband sef is not disturbing you, you that is sneaking to sleep with her husband is the one doing too much. Stop nau, why are you doing a useless interview? Can’t you keep a secret?”

Watch him speak: