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“You’re in the wrong neighbourhood ” – White family harass black man for taking a walk (Video)



A video which has gone viral on social media platforms, captures a white man and his family harassing a black man taking a walk in his neighbourhood and asked him to leave because ”he doesn’t belong there.”

The white man identified as Jonathan Pentland, is a United States Army sergeant first class, and he’s currently trending on Twitter and being accused of racism.

In the video, Jonathan and his family are seen harassing and threatening a young black man, named Deandre, who explained he was just taking a walk in the neighbourhood in Columbia, South Carolina.

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Jonathan then asked the black man to walk out of the neighbourhood and hinted at getting physical if he does not leave.

Pentland can be heard in the video saying; “What is it that you’re doing here?”

He added: “You can walk away or I’ll carry you out of here.”

Watch video below:

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