You’re forcing her to say yes when you kneel to propose in public – Advocate, Bianca Wamu schools men

A UK-based social advocate identified as Bianca Wamu has questioned men’s decision to propose to their woman in public.

She said the act of kneeling down during with a ring and organising a public proposal are both wrong.

Bianca explained that when a man kneels to ask for his woman’s hand it is not right because he is only supposed to kneel when he is surrendering to God.

The woman further said that doing it in public is equally bad because it is putting the woman under pressure to accept his proposal.

Taking to Twitter, Wamu wrote; “Men, why do you have to KNEEL down in PUBLIC in the name of PROPOSING to a WOMAN? As if that’s not enough, you’re forcing her to say YES! Save yourself from this embarrassing moments.

The only time you should kneel down is when surrendering your problems to God!”

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In entertainment news, Nigerian actor and comedian, Julius Agwu recently confirmed that his marriage to Ibiere Maclayton hit the rocks.

News of the couple splitting broke in March this year and it was alleged that he cheated on her despite her sacrifices when he was sick.

Speaking on the how their 15-year-old marriage ended, Julius told Daddy Freeze during an Instagram live session that his wife said she was tired.

The comic act said; “My wife said she isn’t marrying me again. She said she is tired of the marriage. “That’s why I thank God I am alive. That’s why I said Satan works in mysterious ways but God works in miraculous ways”.

He also gave more details on the issue of his health, saying that the reports of him struggling with medical challenges were true.

Julius said it started in 2015 when he was preparing to go for a show in London and just two days before the fixed date, he was suddenly rushed to the hospital.

The actor explained that he underwent brain tumour surgery in 2015 and was admitted to a teaching hospital in London where he was in coma for three months.

“There are no rumours about my health. It is true. I had a tumour surgery in 2015, a brain surgery. When I travelled to London to do a show, just two days before the show, I was rushed to the hospital. I was in Coma for 3 months. I thank God I am alive”, he said.