You’re a great activist and I support you wholeheartedly – Actress Rita Edochie tells VDM

Seasoned Nigerian actress, Rita Edochie, has thrown her weight behind online activist, VeryDarkman amid his numerous controversies and challenges.

She took to her Instagram page to declare support for VDM on Tuesday while also letting him know that she loves what he is doing.

Rita described him as a great activist, who admits when he has erred as is expected of a human and pointed out that she is not trying to ‘famz’ him

The actress wrote; “Mr very dark man is a great activist and more, take it or leave it, he is doing marvellously well. He admitts that at times he goes off track as a human being he is, please my people always forgive him if not for any thing, for the good ones he is doing pretty well.

My great son you are a genius, a warrior, a man of truth, so don’t be amazed at the series of societal challenges coming your way. The arrests, the backlash from netizens etc are all components that will always make up your strength.

I love and support you whole heartedly, not because i want to famz myself around you in order to prevent you from making me a subject topic.

See ehnn if you discover any oppressing move that i have made against anyone using my status in the society , please you can always call me out and i will explain if any. I am supporting you genuinely because i also stand by the truth just like you do, not to buy favour or seek validation from you…”

Reacting, @evacomedytv said; I can’t wait to witness the day it will reach your turn to be insulted …to think I used to like you but finally I think old age doesn’t come with wisdom after all.

@callme_omalicha said; Until he comes for you and Queen may, mama sit this one out, that man will not hesitate to insult and disrespect at any slightest opportunity.