Your several arrests can ruin your future – Ka3na cautions VeryDarkman

Reality TV star and entrepreneur, Ka3na Jones, has warned controversial internet activist, Martins Otse popularly called VeryDarkman, to thread carefully.

She raised concerns over his numerous arrests and noted that it could ruin his chances of getting a decent job or being allowed to foreign countries.

VeryDarkman has been arrested on multiple occasions since January after different people he clashed with filed police report accusing him of cyber bullying among other offences.

Ka3na Verydarkman

His latest arrest occurred in Abuja on Sunday, for making a post where he called out an individual and accused the person of scamming a Nigerian in the Diaspora.

Reacting to the unpleasant development, Ka3na said only someone who lacks vision would repeatedly allow himself to be registered as a lawbreaker.

She said VDM will understand the implication of his multiple arrests when he tries to relocate abroad or seek quality employment.

Ka3na wrote; “@verydarkblackman my dear, you need to actually know what you are doing on social media. Only a visionless person would repeatedly let himself be registered in the Nigerian police negatively with countless lawsuits.

“You would understand the impact of this when you choose to seek quality employment or relocate abroad. No country will admit a countless offender of law from his own country. All these arrests are being registered on Google and police database. Please be cautious.”

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Your several arrests can ruin your future - Ka3na cautions VeryDarkman