Your man only wants your respect not your love – Woman lectures modern ladies

An African American woman has shared some words of advise with young ladies regarding how they address men in their lives.

She said a man does not care if his woman loves him because all he cares about is for her to be respectful towards him.

In a video posted on social media, she said a man is less concerned about how his partner pampers him with money or gifts, and more concerned about her not talking to him in a disrespectful manner.

According to her, while women need love, men need respect, which is why they could leave pretty loud mouthed ladies and move to those who are not attractive looking just so they can have peace of mind.

She urged females to learn how to control what they say to their partner because whatever their mouth does matters.

Watch the video below:

In other news a Nigerian Twitter user shared a chilling story about a woman discovering years after marriage that her husband is a spirit.

She said the man died two years before they got married but she did not know and they have three children together.

According to the narrator, Peace Igho, the woman first got pregnant for him when they were still courting.

He bought a land in a new area and built a house for him and his wife, however, neighbours say he does not speak to anyone but his family.

At some point, his wife grew tired of wondering who are his family members and she started demanding answers.

He then gave promised to take her to his village, only for him to disappear when she went to the market to buy stuff.

She returned to see a note from him apologising for his absence and he wrote down his hometown address.

However, when she reached his village and met her husband’s people they said it was impossible she married their son because he is dead.

Peace shared; “Ok! So this woman in my area just discovered that her husband for years is a spirit!! They’ve got 3kids yo!!! Jesus Christ!

She said she got pregnant for him while they were dating. Then they moved to my area. He bought a land and built a house. His neighbors said he doesn’t speak to anyone except his family. And he always walk alone.

So now after 3kids, she started demanding aggressively to see his family. He said they were in the village that he will take her there. He then gave her lots of money to go to the market to buy things they would take home to his family.

When she got back from the market, she met a note he wrote apologizing for his absence and his address in the village. She traveled to the east with the kids, located his house and explained who she was but.

They said it wasn’t possible cos he died 2yrs before she gave birth to their first child. And they showed her his grave.”