Your career is dead, I won’t help you revive it – Phyna tells Chichi

The reunion show of Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ edition is set to commence and there seems to be a lot of drama to keep fans engaged.

A snippet of the first episode made its way to the internet and it shows the season’s winner, Phyna tackling Chichi while Doyin took a swipe at Adekunle.

Phyna told Chichi that she knows her career is dead and she is just trying to use her name (Phyna) to gain cheap publicity.

However, she said that she would not help the former stripper to revive her career despite her attempts to use her for clout.

“My dear, no be me go help you revive your dead career,” Phyna said.

The BBNaija reunion show will begin on July 19th.

Watch the short video below:

Meanwhile, BBNaija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ contestant, Maria Chike Benjamin, has said that before her sojourn into the BBNaija house, she was struggling to discover herself.

She said that contrary to popular belief she was financially stable but not made, as she still needed a lot of improvement career-wise and in other areas.

According to Maria, she was lost and the platform served as a gateway which ushered her to a path of achieving her goals and dreams.

The former air hostess said; Prior to Big Brother, I wasn’t made in any way, I was still struggling, and my life needed a lot of improvement too. I was still struggling to find my light career-wise, and otherwise. I might have had some previous careers prior to that time but many things I really wanted to do as a person had not come to light.

So, prior to BBN, I was still lost as a person. I must say, financially, I was okay, but not made. BBN platform was a gateway for me to be able to achieve certain goals and dreams which I have always had.

The reality TV star, while speaking in an interview, also dismissed allegations that she goes after married men.

She said; Obviously, there was a biased rumour about me, of course, I won’t be the first, and it happens anytime someone comes to fame. That rumour that came out in 2021, it’s not in my place to discredit or credit it, you know I never even brought it out there in the first place and it is not in my place because it is going to touch a lot of personal lives and it is just not in my place to voice out. Also, I don’t owe people any explanation.