Young woman reveals interesting way she discovered her sugar daddy is dead

A Caucasian woman has taken to social media to share how she found out that her sugar daddy died months ago.

The man apparently died in June last year but she never knew, and only got to discover this month that he passed away.

She recently started sending him messages on his private phone after a long period of no communication, but there was no response so sh thought he wanted to end their romantic affair.

After a series of unreplied messages for days, someone eventually responded and it turned out to be her sugar daddy’s wife, who did not know it was his side chic in the DM.

The man’s wife informed her that her husband was dead and warned her against sending further messages to the deceased man’s phone.

“I’m not sure who you are but my husband passed away on June 15. Please don’t text his phone. If you are a friend of ours then you should know my number,” it read.

The side chic with Twitter username, @buffys shared a screenshot of the message and captioned; “still can’t believe this is how i found out my sugar daddy died…”

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In another news…

CorrectNG recalls that a man residing in Lagos took to Twitter to x-ray the web of unfaithfulness that is saturating the dating scene in the state.

He revealed via anonymous messaging platform, NGL that a popular Twitter user’s wife is cheating on him with her gym instructor but he is unaware.

According him, the man often praises his wife online for showing him love and respect, and even opened a big boutique for her in Lagos Island. The married woman spoils the gym instructor she’s having an affair with, and he in turn takes that money to his girlfriend.

The narrator added another twist to the scenario which is that the gym instructor’s girlfriend is also cheating on him. He said the lady brings gives him the money that her boyfriend collected from his married sugar mummy.

He wrote; “I know someone very popular here on Twitter always posting how his wife loves and respects him, opened a boutique for her on the island. Madam dey busy dey service gym instructor, spends money on him. Gym instructors bae dey service me brings money she collect from her guy. Lagos recycling we dey do.”