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Young Nigerian recounts how he made his family proud by bagging a scholarship (Photos)



A Nigerian student identified as Oladele Toyosi Michael, has shared details on social media of how he bagged a prestigious scholarship and made his family proud.

Toyosi Michael sharing throwback photos, went down memory lane to 2019 when the won the Akintola Williams Centenary Scholarship Award on August 9.

He revealed how he was selected as the only candidate from the South-West region as the selection pool involved getting candidates from the 6 geo-political zones. The young man also said that N250,000 accompanied the scholarship which opened numerous doors for him.

In his words:

“Made my Family and everyone proud

“This day was memorable in many ways. But winning a scholarship has to be the highlight for me.

“It was the day I was presented the Akintola Williams Centenary Scholarship Award. To say I was overjoyed would be an understatement

“I was thrilled as all the time and energy put into my studies finally paid off in a big way.

“For some background: The award organizers selected only one student across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria; I got the awards for the South-West region, representing the Department of Accounting, University of Lagos.

“As part of the scholarship, I received a sum of N250,000, which was to go to funding my schooling and other professional exploits.

“Today, I can say the experience benefited me immensely. From meeting past ICAN presidents whom I idolized to getting featured in national newspapers, the award has opened more doors than I could have ever imagined. And it still opens doors for me years later.

“I have applied to jobs where people hire me on basis of that singular award.

“But I have never been one to rest on my laurels. I still strive to be the best individual I can be in both my academic and professional fields.

“Nevertheless, I must credit the Akintola Williams Centenary Scholarship Award for its impact on every facet of my life. I say a big thank-you to the as well as the doyen of Accounting himself, Chief Akintola Williams. May your efforts never be in vain.”

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