Young mother cries out in devastation as she becomes a widow at 30

A South African woman, Shanie Amo has cried out after losing her husband and being left with a child at the age of 30.

She revealed that her hubby was shot dead close to their family house and she buried him last week.

Shanie said they were together for 13 years and she does not know how to deal with the loss or if she will ever heal.

The widow is devastated because she has no parents and the death of her husband leaves her with an eight year old child to cater for all alone.

But she said that her mother-in-law is still in the picture and they hope to provide support for each other.

She wrote; “I’m only 30 and I had to bury my husband 💔 last week,we have been together for 13 years nd he was shot ryt near our house….I don’t think I will ever heal.I have to raise an 8 year old all by myself I don’t even have parents.”

Reacting, @Ntonto87477; I buried my Husband lastweek Thursday ,now I have to raise my 5 year old alone. One day we will be alright Sisi .

@shanieAmo; Yho it’s so comforting knowing that iam not da only one going through dis… though it’s so painful nd sleep has become foreign I hope nd pray we become ok

@2022AFRICA; Im so sorry, i can’t imagine how hard it must be, this is heartbreaking, praying is not the answer but it definitely plays a big part, take it one day at a time, sometimes it will be hard, sometimes it will feel not so hard, but it will eventually get there🙏🏿🕊️❤️

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