Young millionaire shares how he went from rags to riches without degree (Video)

A Malawian man identified as Grey Jabesi has shared the story of how he became a millionaire despite coming from a poor background.

The animator said that he was born in Malawi, but his jouney to success started when he moved to South Africa to join his family.

The techpreneur said he had challenges performing well in school when his dad and mum moved to search for greener pastures.

Grey, who shared his story via his YouTube page, said he eventually dropped out in high school and decided to seek an alternative path in life.

He tried his hands at a variety of things which ranges from rapping, to production, e-commerce, video editing, and graphic designing.

Grey said that his mum disapproved of his decision to leave school and was worried that he had become too engrossed with computers. He partnered with a few people who were in the entertainment business but it ended terribly so he had to start afresh.

The young millionaire was able to begin little jobs of editing videos and designing posters through which he made a reasonable sum of money.

However, his mum gave him a pass when she saw that he started making money for himself. Then he suggested enrolling into an animation school.

He documented his jouney through the years and when things started working out well for him, he found himself having to move to Dubai and expand.

Watch the video below:

In other news, founder of Iroko TV, Jason Obinna Njoku says he and his wife, Mary Remmy-Njoku have agreed not to leave too much wealth for their children.

He said the reason is because when wealth that is inherited usually comes with a huge burden that he does not want the kids to bear.

The businessman and his actress wife have two daughters and a son.

Njoku, in a post on his Twitter page, said they have been saving to ensure that the three of them have the best education, but after that they would have to fend for themselves.

He said; “@MrsMaryNjoku & I save to guarantee our kids a great education. After that our job is done & they can fend for themselves. We don’t save for ourselves we spend to enjoy today.

Young money is better than old money. It’s way more fun. Trying to leave as little behind as possible. From all I have read Inherited wealth is mostly a burden. We actually don’t buy much stuff. We spend on family experiences. Experiences we hope to gist about when we’re old and less mobile. In the end life is to be lived.”

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