Young man who uses iPhone XR surprises his girlfriend with iPhone X

A video which surfaced on social media shows the moment a Nigerian lady received an iPhone gift from her boyfriend.

The young man bought an iPhone X for his babe and wrapped it inside a polythene bag which he put inside his jacket pocket.

He asked her to bring out what was in the pocket and when she did, he went ahead to tell her to open the package.

The girl was wondering what could be inside, but when she unwrapped it and saw an iPhone, excitement overtook her.

She jumped at her boyfriend with careless abandon as he laid on the bed and he said she almost destroyed his iPhone XR in the process.

Watch the video below:

IG user larryf24 commented; For the current economic iPhone X sef no small congrats to herπŸ˜‚#hmmnoeasy

khalifa_officiall; Na wetin I go do tomorrow be these πŸ˜‚

sancho__n; This one Dey grateful some girls go reject iPhone X my brother thank God your babe no get big eye πŸ‘οΈ

honeyslashy; Na house fit make me do like this but I no go Dey scream like this sha πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

Similarly, CorrectNG reported last December that a man played a TikTok challenge with his babe and made her feel over the moon when he surprised her with two lovely gifts.

He gave his babe an iPhone 13 Pro Max and a 100 dollar bill as early Christmas presents even though he made her choose one.

The challenge entails writing two different special items or fun-filled activity on a stick-it note and asking ones partner to pick any of the notes though the front would be hidden from them.

In a video circulating online, he wrote $100 on one note and iPhone 13 Pro Max on the other, before asking her to select one.

She almost picked the iPhone 13 but her man held firmly to it and asked her to choose wisely, so she went for the other. When the removed the note that had $100 written on it she was excited.

So he gave her a 100 dollar bill, however, he showed her the other paper and when she realised that it was iPhone 13 Pro Max, her facial expression changed.

Fortunately for the girl, her boyfriend had already bought the smartphone so he brought it out and gave it to her in addition to the $100 she received earlier. She grabbed the phone with so much excitement and eagerness that it fell out of his hands.