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Young man warns Yahoo Boys that Peter Obi might make N1 equal to $1



A young boy has expressed fears over the type of turnaround that may be witnessed in Nigeria if the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi is elected come 2023.

In a video he posted on social media, the guy imagined a future with Obi as president and the value of Naira appreciates immensely.

He suggested that it would negatively affect internet fraudsters aka Yahoo Boys if one Naira eventually becomes equal to a dollar.

The implied statement generated reactions from Nigerians on social media who poked holes in his assumption.

Watch the video below:

collinsanya; Did he say that he will make #1 =$1? People will just be saying anything.

don_drailes; You guys only care about increase in foreign price but you forget that if 1 dollar equals 1 Naira, it simply means all our cost of feeding and more will also be less than 1 dollar even 1 KG of sugar will be booth with less than 2 kobo.

Whatever makes our currency equals the main competitor means we are now buying many things at the cost of less.

If car is sold for 5000 usd, we will also buy car for 5000 Naira.

You all care about the increased figures but doesn’t care about how this figures will actually work.

yuppie_016; $20,000 = 20,000N How much be Lamborghini again 😂😂😂😍😍😍

theunlimitedmusic; Stupïd content… na una dey confuse una generations…. As suffer no dey tire una…🇳🇬💔🥰 yeye things …. Even garri done put price high… ode tag he’s handle lemme great him and visit him at home too …. Vuwelence delivery 🚚

thebigprez; Stupidity is when you think dollar will have a better commercial value when it hits 1,000 and above. No worry una go soon buy matches for 5,000

sammirdiary; just dumb thinking, if that will happened it means a lot of things has started going right in the country but I’m sure you didn’t think about that

In other news, a man simply known as John, has said that he feels frustrated over the low income he earns from his job as a welder.

Speaking in an interview with Lucky Udu, he lamented about struggling to make ends meet while friends he grew up with are making money through internet fraud aka Yahoo Yahoo.

According to John, he spent four years learning welding yet with all his hardwork, he is barely able to make enough money to get by daily.

He said that he is not happy because he cannot make millions just like his friends who are cashing out with Yahoo Yahoo.

The 25-year-old said; ”My name is John. I am 25 years old. I am not too happy with my life because everyone I grew up with are now making money through yahoo yahoo. I learnt welding for the past four years but nobody wants to give me job because they feel like I am too small or not up to the task.

I have been trying my best to meet up with life. My friends are doing things, making money, buying cars. I just feel left out in everything.”

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