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Young man takes to his heels as girl attempts introducing him as her boyfriend online (Funny video)



A funny video which is circulating online captured the moment a young man took to flight to avoid being shown on camera by a girl claiming to be his girlfriend.

She was recording a video selfie and decided to use the opportunity to introduce him to the world with pride.

He was walking towards her in a narrow pathway and when he got close, she panned the camera lens to his direction and said; So guys meet my boyfriend.

As soon as he raised his head up and saw that she was filming, he quickly turned back and took to his heels.

His slides were preventing him from running fast enough so he just let them off and ran until he fell on the ground.

The guy, however, stood up and continued running, while the guy just watched in befuddled silence.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a Nigerian woman has taken to social media to share the interesting story of how her boyfriend inadvertently helped her to meet the man she married.

The lady identified as Millicent Nwanyimanaria revealed that in 2016, she accompanied her boyfriend to a hotel where he wanted to collect some documents.

He asked her to wait by the pool side and just as she was chilling, she saw a handsome guy who caught her attention and she instantly fell in love.

The young woman said she prayed for him to approach her and when he did, the guy asked why she was sitting all alone.

Millicent lied that she was waiting for her cousin who was inside the hotel, so her crush joined her for a chat.

They spoke at length and she impatiently waited for him to collect her number before her man comes out, when he eventually asked for her phone number, she gave it without delay.

Luckily for her, the man who eventually becae her husband left before her boyfriend came back out.

She talked about him to her friends and waited for a call but he didn’t contact her until about a month later.

He apologised for the long radio silence and revealed that he traveled, shortly after that theuir relationship started and they got married in November 2020.

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