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Young man pampers himself with money from his first day as Bolt driver



A Nigerian man identified as Ahmadu Dutse, has given himself a nice treat to mark his first day on the job.

He revealed that he started working as a bolt driver today, August 23 and decided to buy a sumptuous meal with his very first earnings.

Ahmadu took to Twitter and shared a photos of the plate of food and drinks he bought with his hard earned money.

The plate contained potato chips, chicken and egg as well as a cup of what looks like yoghurt and he prayed for God to bless his hustle.

”I started working as a bolt driver today and this is the first thing I bought with my hard😓 earned Money May Allah bless our hustles,” he tweeted.

See the post:

Many netizens cheered him on and said he is free to enjoy his money however he wishes.

@Hormororlar; My brother abeg eat ur money, he better pass make u go dey carry am give one girl wey no go appreciate ur efforts. God wey give u strength to hustle see money chope go make u get strength to hustle for d one u will save. O kun inu la fi n gbe ti ita

@Tom_bazz6; …only today wey you start, u don dey chop sautéed potatoes with chicken wings plus full egg plus milk shake abi na juice, haba mana Mallam, this life no be so ooo!! 😂😂😂😂😂

@RamadhanInziani; Life is short man, eat your money in peace. Disregard advices from pple who only know how to manage other pple’s cash and not their own

@OlusesiMoses; With all this food at once, I doubt if you will be able to maintain your car that you are using for the bolt business. You need to save money in case of unexpected breakdown💪💪💪

@Tha_Blessedpapi; I will never forget the first time I was paid my first salary in my entire life,I bought 3k suya with hollandia,only me Finnish am, 🥺🥺….I no fit try am now,problem full everywhere 😄

@AKPANCELESTINE; Remember not to continue like this everyday bro. It is understandable doing this on your first day considering you haven’t had such for a while. Please develop the habit/culture of saving so the business will growth and the future will be better.

@josephoike; Congratulations but please be kind and roll down the window if the need arises. Don’t be one of those “I wonder what that smell is, I think it’s from outside…” type of drivers!

@frankisenxx; My guy enjoy yourself ojaree. Life is meant for the living…Na who dey alive dey chop food ✌🏽♥️💡

@UkehThomas; As much as I commend ur zeal/effort to making life easier for yourself by working,,, abeg give me ur Car details so that I fit cancel my ride whenever I know say na u dey come.

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