Young man claims his mother is the reason he’s poor (Watch video)

A Nigerian man has alleged that the reason he is poor is because of his mother’s unacceptable behaviour and way of life.

He pointed fingers at his mum in a video making the rounds on social media, saying she made decisions regarding his future that left him financially incapable.

The young man tearfully recounted how the woman opposed to the idea of him being recruited into the army by a general years ago.

According to him, that singular act left him impoverished and alone today. He attributed his current situation to the missed opportunity that could have provided him with a better life.

He said; “My mother is the reason I am poor today in life. Many years ago, my Uncle who is a 3 Star General wanted to recruit me into the army but my mother stood against it because I am her only child. Fast-forward to today, I am extremely poor and all alone in this Life.”

Watch the video below:

In other news…

Nigerian actress, Charity Nnaji, has revealed that she was forced to leave her marriage of 10 years due to domestic violence she suffered.

She said that she can stand being with a man who is financially challenged but she would never stay with one who engages in domestic abuse.

Nnaji stated this in an interview, adding that what she endured in her marriage which crashed four years ago can end someone else’s life if they experience same.

The Nollywood diva also talked about the lessons she learnt from her failed marriage and applying it to her relationship life.

She said; “I left my marriage because of domestic violence. I can cope with a man if he has setbacks in his business, but I cannot stay with him if he slaps me. What I survived in that home can kill others. My greatest fear was to live as a single mum, but I had to take a bold step to leave.

“Ever since I left, a lot has changed in my life. I can now handle any relationship and know how to live with people. Secondly, I now have peace of mind. Money cannot buy peace of mind. Whatever one does in life, one should ensure it does not tamper with one’s peace of mind. I was married for 10 years. I left the marriage four years ago.”