Young man celebrates himself for reading 50 books this year

A Ghanaian medical lab scientist has celebrated himself for being able to accomplish what he set out to do in 2022.

The young man known as Dr Filifree said he read a total of 50 books this year alone and he was able to do so before the end of December.

He took to his Twitter page to share a photo of himself posing with the books he read and released the names of every single one of them.

Dr Filifree said he derived the inspiration from another man who did something similar earlier, so he decided to recreate.

He said that he saw a photo of the person sitting on a stack of books and he posted it on his WhatsApp status to motivate himself to achieve set goals by December.

The lab scientist wrote; “I did it!!! I read 50 books this year.”

Didn’t see this coming. For those asking for the list, here you go. @OhenebaInspires thanks for the motivation and prize 😂😂😂. And Oh my school father did 60!! @OtengAurzyblue.

“So this was my whatsap status in January. I saw this pic (kindly Tag him if he’s here) and I wanted to recreate. @OhenebaInspires took a shot of it to remind me in December. We made a deal me reading 50 books. I spent 2 hours yesterday answering questions on about 10. I won”

Meanwhile, founder of Anakle, Editi Effiong recently said he empowered every child in his community with the requisite computer skills to be relevant in modern society.

He made this known on Twitter while replying a tweep who challenged him for raising concerns over the development index in Lagos.

The tweep told him to compare the level of development in Lagos state with his village and say which is better.

In response, the techpreneur said he ensured that every primary school pupil in his village can use a computer. Editi also said that they are taught how to code and have access to the internet.

He shared photos to backup his claim and wrote; “My village has running water.

But the most important development index for me is that every child attending primary school there can use a computer, has internet access and has learned to code. I made that happen. Now, tell me how you developed your village.”