Young man buys house, car one year after speaking it into existence

An African man has taken to social media to celebrate his new year wins which came to be after speaking them into reality.

Kayos with Twitter handle @ThatsKayos on January 1, 2022, had said it would be the last year he’ll be staying in a rented apartment.

The young man predicted that he would be able to afford his own property and he even discarded the idea of getting a car in 2023.

He wrote on Twitter: “This is my last year renting! 2023 I’m purchasing a property. Fxxx a new car.”

Fast-forward to January 26, 2023, not only did Kayos get an apartment, but he also bought himself a car.

He credited the double blessings to God intervening in his life and noted that the Almighty decided to give him the two things he wished for.

The happy lad shared photos of him posing by the new ride at the dealership and him holding the key to his own house.

Kayos wrote; “God said… you can have both 🔥😤🙏🏾”

See his post:

Read comments below…

@Edward46309171; U should have mentioned the other blessing God might punish u for not mentioning it. But any way let me say it…. and also the Ladies you will be chowing😁😁😁vw plus new apartment = Extra lot of beautiful ladies🤣

@dsloan15; This shit dope bro forreal but them people was high as hell when they designed that crib

@LongLiveLeech; Congratulations, but buying a 2nd hand performance car from about 10 years ago isn’t wise at all. That’s all I’d like to say 🙂 Otherwise o spanne bruv 👊🏾

@Lwazkazi; You never put God and a swearing word in the same sentence. Congratulations

@g_mapaya; Repo rates and Balloon payments will feast on your salary bro but you will be done with the car payment early 2030

Meanwhile, a Ghanaian man identified as Nana Ameyaw, has revealed what he did when a girl he was getting to know made fun of his car during a trip.

He gave her a ride somewhere and while he was driving, she put her legs on the dashboard and he politely asked her to put it down.

She responded that she has put her legs on the dashboard of better cars and this infuriated the guy.

Ameyaw, who recounted the story on Twitter, said he still dropped her off in her neighbourhood but when he left he blocked her contact.

He wrote; “She put her legs on my dashboard. I politely asked her to put her legs down. Her response, “I’ve put my legs on the dashboard of better cars not this Picanto” I dropped her off in her neighborhood and I blocked her.”

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