Young man bursts into tears as he wins car at Tunde Ednut’s birthday party (Video)

A young man emerged the lucky winner of a Hyundai at the birthday party of musician turned blogger, Tunde Ednut.

The entertainer clocked a new age on Friday, January 20 and hosted a lavish party with friends, colleagues and fans in attendance.

Ednut earlier donated cows to his fans in the Federal Capital Territory to host a party in his honour since he’s currently not in Nigeria.

The event which held on Friday night witnessed several fun games, performances and gift-giving exercises, however, one of the highlights was when he made it known that there is a brand-new car up for grabs by one lucky fan.

The man who won the red-coloured Hyundai was overtly emotional when he was announced as the person that will be going home with the whip.

He broke down into uncontrollably and beautiful tears of joy as the event organisers handed him the car keys.

Watch the video below:

In other entertainment news, Nollywood actor and media personality, Uti Nwachukwu has said money is not the major factor he considers when choosing which movie roles to accept.

He said what he considers the most before picking a script is the quality of the content and how it speaks to him.

The winner of Big Brother Africa season 4 stated this in an interview with the Punch, as he noted that acting is secondary for him because he loves hosting shows more.

Uti said; “I just cannot be in any movie. Firstly, I look at the quality of the script. Once I get the script that speaks to my heart, I will do it because I am not doing it for the money. My primary business is hosting events and shows. I love to host and I am also doing it to get paid.

“There is also a lot of dedication and discipline that is attached to movie making and for me, if I cannot do something close to perfection, I won’t do it at all. I need to be able to commit a number of weeks or possibly months to acting. When I am ready to settle and focus, I will accept scripts that are also rich because my everyday life is busy”.

Speaking on the growth of Nollywood, Uti said; “We have upped the stakes in Nollywood. I love the quality of movies that have been rolling out from the industry. Nigeria is improving entertainment-wise and I think audiences home and abroad have started to recognise our value and importance in the industry.

“It’s not just about Hollywood anymore, it is about Nollywood too. People are hungry for our content right now. Africa is the new frontier entertainment-wise. I am proud of my industry.”