Young man beaten mercilessly for ‘flexing’ in expensive hotel on empty bank account

Employees of a hotel have brutalised a young man for being unable to pay the bill he incurred while lodging at the establishment

It was gathered that he lodged into a top class hotel posing as a big boy and ordered a variety of items.

When the attendant went to his room and asked to pay for the items, he started giving excuses till alarm was raised.

Other employees barged into the room and demanded he settled the bill which was when he confessed that he did not have money.

The young man was consequently brutalised for deceiving them into allowing him lodge and buy things knowing fully well that he was broke.

A video making the rounds online shows a lady beating and slapping him mercilessly while some men were also trying to get their hands on him.

The table in his room had plates of food stacked on each other and bottles which he had consumed.

Mixed reactions greeted the video as netizens criticised the boy for his action but also condemned the hotel staff for assaulting him.

Watch the video:

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rattybol; The girl have personal issue with him… e be like say she don use her salary pay debt before

the_spaceship_guy; It’s the woman handling him for me it’s all jokes n fun till it’s a reverse case and all these wannabe feminists raise their fangs

_olami_le1; Thats an assault

slimgold29; Baba don even order for beer

inodotransfer; If na man best woman like this , na Wahala oooo

fash_dinero; Werwy dey expect money from hook up client

iam_sexydjhoney; Only God knows Wetin motivational speaker tell him

jydouricka; See the lady doing as if he fit handle am one on one? Well he deserve whatever he’s facing shaaa fake life shii

ibalex1000; U no get money u dey form

synergy_1017; People get mind,don’t you ever think of the embarrassment

thesocialmedia_goddess; This new trend with guys doing things wey dem no reach no make sense who dem dey try impress

Similarly, last month, a big boy based in Edo was subjected to humiliation after he tried to abscond from a hotel without settling the bill.

According to reports, the young man lodged into a hotel in Benin city with two girls and paraded himself as a lavish spender.

He was said to have ordered from the hotel refreshment section worth N85,000, but he was unable to pay. The young man tried to escape by jumping over the hotel’s fence but he was caught by the security guard.

”It happened live in a hotel in Benin city, Edo State. This guy carried two girls to lodge in the hotel, bought items worth N85k and didn’t have money to pay. He tried running away by jumping away from the fence but was caught by the security guard. Na by force to do big boy?” an eyewitness said.