Young lady sacked for joining Peter Obi rally gets new house

A Nigerian lady Regina Ledum, has become a young homeowner few months after losing her job for participating in a political rally.

It may be recalled that in October last year, she joined the Labour Party candidate, Peter Obi’s rally in Port Harcourt on the day she was supposed to be at work. Unfortunately, her boss learnt of what happened and consequently sacked her.

In a viral video, Regina who worked as a receptionist at a hotel had requested help from Nigerians because she got fired for participating in the rally even though it was her off day.

She said; “That day of the rally was my off-day, so I was at home doing nothing, so I decided to attend the rally. I went back to work the following day, and my boss called me and said I should meet Peter Obi to give me a job”.

Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere of Omega Power Ministries heard Regina’s pitiful story and decided to offer her a new job after losing the one she had at a hotel. He also offered to sponsor her education.

“Remember the girl that was sacked after she attended the Peter Obi rally in Port Harcourt. I just interviewed her on the phone.

“After interviewing her, I found out she is gifted and her education can not be frustrated. So starting from today 1 September 2022, she does not need to look for school fees for Ajuru university, because I have added her name to OPM local university scholarship till graduation.

“Also, at the hotel where she was working her salary was 20k. I have given her automatic employment to resume immediately in my water factory with double her former salary from 20k to 40k. What God Can/ not do, does not exist,” he said.

Fast-forward to March 2023, and the clergyman gave her the documents for a house and informed her that it is her new home. She was very excited and full of deep gratitude.

Photos which surfaced online showed Regina leaping for joy and going on her knees to thank Apostle Chibuzor.