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Young lady in love inks bold tattoo of her boyfriend’s name on her face (Watch video)



Sometimes people do something extreme or strange in a bid to show their partner the extent of their love for them, viewing it as a romantic act.

A young Nigerian lady has gotten social media users talking after a video of her getting a tattoo surfaced.

She inked a tattoo of the name of the love of her life on her face to demonstrate her everlasting love for him.

The tattooed her boyfriend’s name Aintola, on the tne entire stretch of theright side of her cheek as seen in the viral video.

She sat comfortably in a chair while the tattoo artist went to work on her face and she did not as much as flinch as a result of the pain.

Watch the video below:

Social media users with an eye for odd news have already trooped to social media to share their opinions.

preshydmw; Facial tattoo is not for everybody 😂😂 tf is the guy doing to your face young lady

official_jimcally; The tattoo will clean after one month 😂 and the guy will think is lasting tattoo 😂

hrm_prettychinwe; Na premium tears go wipe am comot… you don’t even know what’s going on!😂😂😂

oba_chiboy; Breakfast loading very soon 😂😂

softigbogurl; Many are mad few are roaming 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 . Just look at somebody’s daughter tueh tueh 🙄

its_king_libra; If this is love, I don’t wanna be a part of it..smh

iamoma_; Even if person grow up for motherless home..E no suppose do some things.. wtf!😂😂😂

yvonne1___; Who will tattoo my yansh on his face bayi 😂

purity445; What if he ends up marrying someone else. There are some things you don’t do for love because tomorrow is pregnant

thrift_perfumes_in_abuja; Trust me, she is regretting that decision already😂

In other news, a married woman has taken to social media to lament over the complication in her marriage due to her husband’s action.

She revealed that he brought home his girlfriend, who is a Latina woman and sent her (wife) out of the house.

The lady identified on Twitter as @cwtyp revealed that things later changed after an unfortunate incident befell her husband.

According to the woman, he got shot and the incident restricted him to a wheelchair, causing his girlfriend to abandon him.

She further revealed that the man subsequently started begging her to come back home.

She wrote: “My husband came home with a Latina girlfriend and threw me out of the house. He got shot and she left him because he’s in a wheelchair & now he’s begging me to come back”

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