Young doctor raises alarm after being extorted by police while heading to work

A Nigerian medical doctor, Ohis Ojeabuo, has cried out for help after police officers extorted him and his colleague, of N59,000 while they were going to work.

He said their car engine light was blinking, so they parked by the roadside to check it only for men of the Lagos state police to approach them in a bus and seize the car key.

The young man said the security personnel demanded N250,000 from them for violating a no-parking sign but after much hassling, they settled for N59k.

Ohis shared a video which showed one of the uniformed men looking at his phone after the transfer was done. They told the doctor and his friend that they will not let them go until their superior officer confirms via phone call that the money has been received.

Young doctor raises alarm after being extorted by police

Sharing photo and clip, the doctor wrote; “On my way to work this morning by 7 with my colleague (Medical doctors) @_Muyii, our cars engine light started blinking and we stopped immediately to check what was wrong. Police approached us, seized the keys and told us we had to pay 250k fine for a no parking sign, we tried explaining why we had stopped but they took the keys, we sat in the back seat and they said we would be driving to Alausa court 18.

After much pleading as we explained to them we are medical doctors and were late to work they collected 59,000 from us @PoliceNG Please help Once again, Nigeria police never fails to disappoint.

A parking ticket is probably not more than 10-20k, but this particular man despite explaining why we had stopped the car and this car was stopped for not up to 20seconds before they came rushing to us.

We had stopped at Shitta round about, Lagos just in front of where kekes load passengers going to Costain. They took over the car and drove us all the way to gbagada heading to alausa before they stopped after Collecting the money and drove off @Princemoye1 @BenHundeyin @PolicNG”

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