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You’ll likely be stoned if you praise Buhari in public – Ex-APC Senator



A former All Progressives Congress (APC) lawmaker, Andrew Uchendu, has said that any person who dares to praise President Muhammadu Buhari in public risks being stoned by Nigerians who are angry about the country’s economic woes.

He made the comment in an interview with NAN, noting that ”this is not to say that Mr Buhari is responsible for the hardship in the country”.

Uchendu was inaugurated as grand patron of the Frontier for Peace and Unity on Tuesday, a Non-Governmental Organisation in Port Harcourt.

Speaking on the perception of Nigerians towards Buhari’s performance, the former senator who represented Rivers East District said; “If you say that President Buhari has done well in the marketplace and church, you may be stoned or criticised.

“But the truth is that he (Buhari) has performed well.

“The gullibility of the society has made it difficult for us to reason and see the truth in the tremendous milestones this administration has made.

“People forget that Nigeria’s problems have been made complex by the failures of successive administration since 1992, which cannot be solely pinned on one government or anybody”.

The politician said the current administration’s “heavy” investments in agriculture and the ban on rice importation have resulted in tremendous growth in local rice production.

He mentioned other achievements of the administration to include reactivation of oil palm production, reactivation of ports, railways and the building of roads and bridges.

“Currently, the second Niger Bridge is being constructed while the airports have been expanded and upgraded to increase commerce in the country.

“Also, programmes such as Npower and Trader Moni have been created to gainfully engage unemployed citizens,” he added.

Uchendu then challenged Nigerians to mention one past administration that made the right policies and programmes that completely addressed the challenges in the country at the time.

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