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You should help your babe sort her bills if she’s in the university – Nigerian man



A Nigerian PR Consultant, Biyi Nifemi Tudors, has received flack on social media after he suggested that men take care of their girlfriend’s finances if she is schooling.

The Influencer identified on Twitter as @thebiyitudors, said that a man dating a university girl is expected to help sort her bills because she is not working.

He stressed that dating is a partnership which involves ensuring that ones partner gets some level of relief in terms of support and financial empowerment.

Biyi, however added that his comment is specifically addressed to working class men.

He wrote; ”If you’re dating a university babe, help her sort bills sha , she’s not working.

“Sort” : organize, manage, help, support, empower, pay. Dating is a partnership of some sorts yunno?

Can’t imagine that you’d be comfortable seeing your partner struggle through life when you’ve the means to help out.

Anyway, as a proud Igbo man, my partner will always get all the support I can give. Understand that I’m talking from the perspective of a working and earning man.

There is no pressure really if you’re also a student or don’t earn enough to help…I was talking to men who work and earn.”

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