“You played yourself” – Shizzi mocks Dammy Krane

Ace Nigerian record producer, Shizzi, has again attempted to educate singer, Dammy Krane about the complexities of his collaboration with music star, Davido.

Dammy Krane has been dragging Davido on social media over claims that the DMW boss owes him royalties for past collaborations.

He had also taken a swipe at Shizzi, describing him as OBO’s boy after a tweet clarifying that his claim about their 2015 hit single, “Izzue” being Davido’s song is false because it was made as a joint song.

Shizzi mock Dammy Krane

Shizzi recalled producing Izzue and noted that the publicist or media executive that released the song as Davido’s own is the one that should be questioned.

““Izzue” was never a David song!!! Me and Krane cooked up the song initially then David jumped on it afterwards. They shot a video and released it as a collabo. Whoever was in charge of the release then is the one Krane should question in regard to the song not David!!!” he wrote.

In response, the ‘Amin’ crooner tweeted; ““Owe B Owe boy ” Calm down with the High service 😏 so who owns the YouTube & Digital platforms “DMW HQ” that was used to release the song & video ( that I paid for )”

But in a swift reply, Shizzi stated that Dammy Krane doesn’t know anything about the music business which is probably why he did not sign agreements for his projects.

He wrote; “Lol obo boy ? 😂 you wish! Did you pay me for the acclaimed song? If you did pls post dated receipt!! Did i come here clouting and crying for help? No!!! Bcos i’m good on dis side lil nigga and in this life you have to understand the business and play your cards right!

“U clearly have no idea of the music business! & i’m sure even all the songs you claim you wrote you didn’t do any agreements or splits! U clearly played yourself fool! How much money is 1.5m streams in YouTube ? Money wey no fit buy fuel 🤦🏾‍♂️ Better level up!”