You need deodorant – Teni shames cab driver who called her out for not tipping him in USA

Popular songstress, Teni has dished shade-laced advice to a Nigerian cab driver who called her out for failing to tip him when he picked her up in the United States.

The guy known as Kareem dragged her on Twitter after seeing a post where she donated money to Mummy Zee, the lady who woke up at 4:50am to cook for her husband.

Teni shames cab driver who called her out for not tipping him in USA


In reaction, the Nigerian man recalled picking Teni up on two occasions in Los Angeles, California yet she did not consider leaving him a tip even once.

He felt it was customary practice in America for customers to leave tips when one renders a service so he was disappointed at the action of the singer whom he supports.

Kareem wrote; “I pick you up twice while I was still doing Uber in Los Angeles and I even play your music and you no even tip 1 cent. We can be better. Peace ✌🏿

Besides I only make like 6$ from her two trip cus na short distance, no be say she Order uber black wey I go talk say I make money , na regular Uber x she order and she no still tip and I still burn my data play her music.

I noticed you’re shedding tears beneath this post, but let me make it clear: I couldn’t care less. Sure, I may expose every ounce of excess weight in her body because I myself always tip when someone render me her services. However, I proudly support a Nigerian superstar by streaming her music, even picking her up twice a day.

Yet, she never thought to show her appreciation by leaving a tip in any of those rides. Don’t you dare call me entitled; it’s simply called gratuity. Moreover, on that very day, she disgusted herself by getting into my car in a dirty state. So, I’m not surprised she didn’t tip. In the end, not everything that shines is truly precious.”

Teni quoted his tweet and responded with a recommendation for him to get toothpaste and deodorant, implying that he is battling both body and mouth odours.

She tweeted; “Na deodorant and toothpaste Gangan u need.”

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