You like money too much – Nigerian dad prays for his daughter not to use them for rituals

A Nigerian lady has shared the message she received from her father where he chided her for purportedly being too materialistic.

The young woman known as Mini had apparently asked her dad how much money her parents will pay her for something, which she did not disclose in her tweet.

In the WhatsApp message which went viral on Twitter, the man expressed worry over heis daughter’s excessive love for money.

He prayed that they would not find themselves in a situation where she would use her parents for money rituals.

“Mimi you love money so much, I pray you will not use us for money rituals”, he said.

See the post below:

In other news, Big Brother Naija 2020 housemate, Hermes Iyele has revealed that his two girlfriends are in relationships with other men.

He revealed during the latest episode of BTS Reality podcast that they are in a polyamorous relationship so everyone is allowed to date other people.

It may be recalled that during his time in the BBNaija house, Hermes disclosed that he is seeing two women. He wanted to start a relationship with Allysyn and make her the third but it did not work out after the show ended.

Hermes admitted that he is a womaniser, and will continue to go after women at different points in time because he can like more than one woman.

The dancer also revealed that his two lovers are are friends.

The reality star said; “I am still in two relationships. Both of them are friends.

“For me, I can only operate on the truth. That truth is that, I be ashawo and I will do ashawo things. I can like more than one woman. And I will tell you that I’m with this person, if you are not fine with it, find what you like.”

Kelly is a fellow dancer and model who hails from Akwa Ibom State, while Margaretha is a German based in Ethiopia.