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You have no purpose in life if you’re above 26 but don’t have up to N500k in your account – Woman says



A lady has taken to social media to state some standards that people within an age range ought to measure up to for them to be seen as persons with a purposeful life.

According to the woman known as @Cindyy_Fabzz on Twitter, anyone who is 26 years and above but does not have as much as N500,000 in their bank account, is without a purpose in this life.

Her Twitter post generated massive reactions from netizens, with some saying she is only speaking like that because different men are giving her money.

She wrote; ”If at 26 years & above and you don’t have close to 500k resting in your account, then you don’t have a purpose in this life..”

View her post:

Reacting, @wizdomtobey; Aswear I no blame you. 7 boyfriends, 4 Sugar Daddies, 12 besties. Definitely you’d be doing well na. They’re people out there even at the age of 40 working their ass out just to eat. Na people like you dy make people dy depressed. Use your head dy tweet abeg

@Oloyemeka; My dear, this is the reason why someone is in jail, or dead or on their way to one of those. Wtf is purpose and what does it have to do with having a 500k standby cash?

Have you never heard of life, or loss, or late-blooming? Don’t do this to people. I hope you’re happy. Ciao

@Gutsy_P; Una no fit frustrate me to go do money ritual. God go Sha punish you. Know this know peace

@JayPyrites; Seriously how are people retweeting this? Person go dey post rubbish others go dey retweet Unamused

@TheBoluwatifeJ; Not everyone be doing what you did to have money. People be struggling to survive in this hell hole and you wanna dampen their energy.

@kwakuNyan; That’s silly. Stop putting unnecessary pressure on youths… This is some of the tweets that make youths make bad decisions because of such financial benchmark

@cleverman001; Dats how u pipu will b tweeting rubbish n making pipu feel like they ain’t trying enuf. There’s no late comer in making money. Everyone has there time. Pipu are really hustling n trying to make there life better stop making them feel like its too late. Give them money na rubbish

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