You forgot me despite all I did for you – Seyi Vibez’ childhood friend calls him out

Whaleswavy, a content creator and childhood friend of Seyi Vibez has taken to social media to call out the famous singer for not remembering him when he became a celebrity.

He shared some throwback videos of them together and stated that he is happy about his rise to fame, however, he is surprised by how he forgot him.

The young man said in a lengthy post that he offered immense help to Seyi Vibez in Benin Republic when he was still an up-and-coming artiste.

You forgot me after you became famous - Seyi Vibez’ childhood friend drags him

Describing himself as Seyi’s number 1 fan, he expressed disappointment that the ‘Bullion Van’ crooner unfollowed him on social media despite all he did to promote his music.

Whaleswavy wrote; “Hey, SEYI VIBEZ I’ve been watching your rise to fame and i am genuinely happy for you. Just surprised how easily you have forgotten those who were there with sweats and energy, also a little shocked with how you hit that unfollow button.. you unfollowed me WHALES 🐋

However, there is nothing i want to do with you following me. It has never for once added a penny to my account balance or pave way for me .. That been said, i congratulate you on all your success! It’s been amazing to see how far you’ve come. 🤍⭐️

I can say it anywhere in the world that i am LOSEYI’s number 1 fan 🌍 Before fame and even now! “No one is saying he should put me in his house or start giving me money, i have never gotten a repost on any of the content i did for my own brother not to talk of him reposting any of my SKITS…

I gave him recognition in the whole of FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF BENIN 🇧🇯 ( cotonou ) quote me anywhere or ask around all “higher institutions” and clubs [ tuga lounge ] [ Lemon club ] in Benin republic you know what that means ? Giving someone over thousands of audience listening to your songs before fame & stardom ⭐️⭐️⭐️ i am not bragging ! Just so you doubters and haters know ask around anywhere in COTONOU 🇧🇯

I’ve always known my country to be a country where the truth is always bitter. I LOVE HIM ALWAYS AND FOREVER BUT NO ONE SHOULD COME HERE AND SAY WHAT YOU ALL DON’T KNOW.”

Watvh videos below: