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You can’t be a feminist and a Christian – Reno Omokri explains



Former presidential media aide and social media commentator, Reno Omokri, has dropped one of his regular nuggets, this time it is on the issue of feminism and its non-existent relationship with Christianity.

According to Omokri, one can either choose to be a feminist or a Christian, however, no one can be both as the two are mutually exclusive.

The US-based pastor and author stated that a Christian wife is meant to be submissive, whereas a feminist does not believe in that principle hence why it is contravenous for one person to be a Christian and a feminist.

He wrote:

“You can be a feminist, or you can be a Christian. But you can’t be a feminist and a Christian. A Christian wife must submit to her husband.

A feminist does not submit to a man. Thus, feminism (as is currently defined) cant coexist with Christianity.”

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