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”You are a bastard” – Lady regrets shooting her shot at a man after he rejected her advances



It is said that women do not know how to handle rejection, and a recent case of a man turning down a woman has edged closer to proving this.

A lady has insulted a young Nigerian man after he rejected her advances while she tried to shoot her shot.

The man in question, one @KingOnAire on Twitter, shared screenshots of the conversations he had with the lady.

According to the chat, the lady messaged him first, and asked for his number after noting that she had gone through his profile and loved what she saw.

However the guy refused her, with the excuse that he was in a serious relationship and wouldn’t want to welcome distraction.

This did not go down well with the lady who saw his refusal as an insult.

She insulted him while calling him a bastard for refusing her advances.

Sharing the screenshots via his account, @KingOnAire wrote; “I’m not the one to usually post stuff like this but this is funny AF! Omo!”

Read their chat:

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