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Yemi Alade replies a fan who said her boobs are sagging on social media



Thanks to social media. Now fans waste no time in pouring out how they feel about celebrities to them directly as Fans has repeatedly trolled different celebrities on the social media, and celebrities in general have also decided to play it the hard way.. and trust us, when we say, these guys aren’t totally at fault.[AdSense-B]

Many years back, you can insult a celebrity and go away with it, but these days, when the word, “Savage”, came into social media, everyone is totally now becoming a savage!

Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade, took to the social media yesterday to share the below beautiful picture of herself, a fan, perhaps a troll, felt it was an appropriate time to tell the singer what has been bothering him – her “sagging” boobs.

The troll on Instagram, @chipetbaba wrote to the singer, “Something is sagging”… and of course, Yemi didn’t play it cool, and served it to him hot. She replied “Yes, your cell membrane”.

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