Yahoo boy whose brother is a Catholic Priest becomes rich after just 3 months (Video)

A suspected yahoo boy has taken to social media to share how internet fraud commonly known as Yahoo Yahoo, positively transformed his life within a short period of time.

In a video reel which has gone viral, he recounted how he started doing yahoo yahoo and cashed the whopping sum of 2 million dollars within the first three months.

Yahoo boy whose brother is a Catholic Priest cashes out big after just 3 months

He showed off his brother, who is a Reverend father, and disclosed how yahoo yahoo favoured him to the extent that he was able to rent a beautiful bungalow, furnish it, buy iPhones and live luxuriously without being short of money.

The young also introduced his friends, close associates and members of his family who enjoyed from the proceeds of the online scam business.

Watch video below:

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david_ogbeidi; Una don they glorify fraud online? Donโ€™t complain when other countries insult you guys o.

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