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Yahoo Boy lands in hot mess after posing as reverend to scam Army commander

A suspected internet fraudster commonly known as Yahoo boy has been arrested for allegedly scamming an Army Commander.

He was interrogated after being apprehended and he confessed that he parading himself as a Reverend Bayo to carry out the scam.

The Yahoo Boy was alleged to have written a letter to the senior military official and asked that 600 soldiers be mobilised to Ondo State.

He also claimed to have taken on the identity of one Dr Folajimi Williams and a commercial driver to transport.

Some other suspects like a POS operator and a cab man were also arrested as accomplices in the fraudulent activity, but they pleaded their innocence.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, agba__oye; I don’t believe this guy is the only one behind this matter….I swear…. Remember person who is not close to the army will never know how the military doing is working…. No cap much …..there are still more high priority authority inner men on this …… TAKE IT or LEAVE IT 😢😢😢

ps_alobam; See brain de waste, blame our government…but among all people you can scam you choose army ?

lincoln_city_empire; Omo the are stages to these yahoo Omo e be like me still d learn

michael_zz2002; Stage 1 for army … guy you are finished 😂😂

abigailchukwueze; Congratulations to you.

alupuo4; Army commander way fall mugu needs to be sacked, because he is a dumb person

Meanwhile, a Nigerian pastor recently warned internet fraudsters popularly called Yahoo Boys, to desist from their ways or risk facing the wrath of karma.

He issued the warning during a sermon in church, adding that though many do not believe in Karma, it actually exists.

The clergy man said those who are enjoying the proceeds of fraud will one day start enduring suffering that they will not understand.

The man of God said he understands the things of the spirit and he has forseen an unpleasant future for fraudsters.

He also mentioned how some people are audacious enough to even use money gotten through yahoo to train their children. He warned them to be careful because the lavish lifestyle will be short-lived.