Yabatech student allegedly commits suicide because boyfriend dumped her after doing abortion

A yet-to-be identified student of Yaba College of Education (YABATECH) has allegedly committed suicide because her boyfriend broke up with her.

There was mild pandemomium at the girls hostel when news broke that the girl drink sniper- a harzadous liquid substance following the heartbreak.

A video making the rounds online shows female students gathering outside their dormitories after learning that a colleague took her life.

It was gathered that the lady got pregnant for her boyfriend and had an abortion only for him to still end the relationship.

According to a source who shared the story on social media, the girl died an hour after taking the sniper in her hostel room.

The source said; “Girls, don’t act like who they claim we are Boys, don’t do what you can’t handle or control After doing abortion for a guy, and 1 female drank two snipers because the so-called boyfriend said he’s not doing again. Under one hour she died”

Watch video below:

In other news, a lady known as Princess Acho has recounted on Twitter how she exposed a friend who was cheating on her boyfriend.

She shared her story in reaction to a Twitter user, Mekzy, who said it is not right for someone tell their partner a secret that was relayed to them in confidence.

The young woman with username @lady_poseidon_ said her friend wanted to make her a subject of gossip by calling her and putting it on speaker.

Princess said the lady wanted her boyfriend to listen to their conversation while the two women were talking on the phone.

According to her, in order to take hold of the situation knowing fully well that the phone was on speaker at the other end, she decided to ask the caller about her side boyfriend.

She immediately hung up when Princess mentioned the man she was cheating on her boyfriend with.

@MrMekzy_ wrote; Telling your partner a secret or something someone told you in confidence is a very weird and bottom barrel behavior.

Then, Princess tweeted; ”Someone did this to me one time and when she called me( I knew I was on speaker), I asked her about the dude she was cheating on her boo with and she hung up!!! That was the end of the rubbish friendship. Let them discuss her unfaithfulness since they run outta things to discuss.”