Women will think they played you if you take them shopping – Burna Boy

Popular Afrobeats singer, Damini Ogulu, professionally known as Burna Boy, has asserted that women think opposite of reality most of the time.

The Grammy winner made the assertion while talking about inspiration behind his hit-song ‘City Boys’ during a chat on Kiss FM London.

According to Burna Boy, being a ‘City Boy’ means putting men themselves first in relationship with the female folk. He also explained that it entails doing whatever one wants to do in terms of living a life of luxury.

He said women would not understand the logic if he did something for them, like going shopping that he normally does for his buddies.

Burna Boy said; “City Boy is every guy that puts himself first. I mean about relationships between us and females. It’s not about putting yourself first in the grand scheme of things.

“Me being a City Boy, right? If I say you know what? I’m going take everyone here shopping right now. We all go and you all get what you want. Why did I do that? I did that simply because it was some fly shxxt to do. And I feel fly about it. You get me? That’s City Boy’s feeling. It wasn’t about you. It was really about me doing some fly shxxt.

“Women think the opposite of what things really are most of the time. If it was a city girl, she would tell you the opposite. She wouldn’t get the logic. She would feel like, Oh… After you guys have gone shopping, she might feel like you are finessed. That’s city girl.”