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Women who don’t submit to their husbands at home but submit to their pastors are hypocrites – Nigerian pastor (Video)



A Nigerian pastor has taken a swipe at married women who are non-submissive to their husbands at home but are to their pastors.

The yet-to-be identified clergy stated this during a sermon, and blasted women for referring to their pastors as ‘Daddy’ while refusing to submit to their husbands.

He reiterated that such women who defy their hubbies but go ahead to adore men of God are hypocrites.

Watch the video:

The video of him speaking has gone viral on social media and some shared heir thoughts.

A user @amara said; In the Bible it’s never even written women submit to your pastors… It’s the gullible ones that put their pastors first…

Blaze_ wrote; I swear!!! I don’t get the madness behind calling your pastor daddy or pastor Mrs mummy your father loss? You don’t know where your mother is? Plis abeg!

zion23; Pastor please increase the volume people wey dey back no dey hear you well.. preachhhhh maka ndi feminist

jameyABD: Why should you bow down to greet your husband though ? You cannot REMOVE PATRIARCHY from religion. Don’t be foo.led about the pastor bit of his pitch .

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