Women shouldn’t be full-time housewives – Doyin

Reality TV star and podcaster, Doyinsola David, popularly known as Doyin, has said she does not support the idea of women being full-time housewives.

The 26-year-old opined during the latest episode of her podcast, ‘Doyin’s Corner’ that it is risky for married women to depend solely on their spouses.

Women shouldn't be full-time housewives - Doyin

She said; “One of the riskiest things you can do is get married and want to be a full housewife and completely depend on your husband without any savings.

“I don’t support that anyone should be a full housewife. I think it is too risky. It can also lead to unnecessary insults and disrespect. I will never be a full-time housewife, even if I am married to the wealthiest man. At least I will have a business.”

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CorrectNG recalls that Big Brother Naija ‘All Stars’ ex-contestant, Doyin said can never be a full-time housewife if she gets married.

The medical radiographer explained that the reason she can’t quit her job to focus on being a stay-at-home wife is because her spouse can change and stop catering for her and their kids.

According to her, men respect a financially independent wife more than an ordinary housewife. She also wondered what will happen to the family if her husband as the sole provider of the home unexpectedly passes away.

Doyin, known for her controversial views on social matters, emphasised that it is necessary for her to be working as well as her hubby because she takes sustainability very seriously.

She said; “I will never be a full-time housewife. Number one, people change. What if he [my future husband] changes? What if he meets another girl and then he stops catering for me and my kids?

“Number two, there’s this level of respect that comes with having your own money like when your partner knows you can provide. You don’t need to ask them for everything. You can handle certain things in the house. And I would really like to have that respect in my marriage.

“And third, there are certain things that are out of our control. What if he dies? God forbid. We don’t pray for that but what if he dies? How am I going to sustain myself and my kids? So, sustainability is a very big thing for me. At least, I would have a business.”