Women should stop complaining that men only want your body when you’re after their pockets – Singer Willy Bang

Nigerian singer, Willy Bang has said women should not display double standards by complaining about something they are guilty of doing.

He urged ladies to stop complaining that men are only interested in their body when they are always after guys for their money.

Willy stated this on his social media page while reacting to a young lady’s lamentation that men only want to sleep with her because of her curves.

Reacting, he wrote: “Don’t complain about a Man wanting your body when u also want his money!!! Change the conversation and get your self respect!!”

Willy bang

The young man who’s an aide to Wizkid, added that many ladies are fond of over demanding once they meet a guy that likes them.

According to him, once you meet them, after one week it’s their birthday, the next week their rent is due, and so on.

He said; “U meet man…after one week na ur Bdai…next week rent expire…upper. week u wan do hair…b4 u knw na shoe, watch…every week buy buy buy… then u come online say Everyman u meet just wants ur body!”

women complain