Women rejected me for 20 years due to my looks – Veteran actor Stephen Alajemba

Veteran Nigerian actor, Stephen Alajemba, has revealed that he faced several rejections from women and people in general due to his physical and facial appearances.

The thespian also known as Uwaezuoke, said his mother told him that as a baby, people refused to carry him because he was not looking attractive.

Alajemba made the revelation in a recent interview with popular YouTuber, Yan Kontent Factory, where he recollected his childhood memories.

Women rejected me due to my looks - Veteran actor Stephen Alajemba

He also said he promised his mother that he was going to make her proud because she told him that he did not “earn anything good” for her when he was a child.

According to him, ladies were fond of “running away” whenever they see his face, adding that he was unable to attract a lover until he was 20. Alajemba, however, revealed that he got married to his first love at when he was 23 years old.

He said; “Any lady who sees my facial look and stature runs away. Unfortunately before one accepted me I was already 20 to 22 years old. I married at 23. So the first person tasted it and confirmed it and she did not leave me anymore.”

In another news…

Nigerian actor and presenter, Temisan Emmanuel popularly known as Taymesan says he suffered rejection at the hands of his parents, particularly his father.

The podcaster talked about his tough childhood during an episode of his podcast, Tea With Tay. He revealed that his father and mother were lovers from a young age and had him as teenagers, so he had to be raised by his grandmother.

Taymesan said his parents got separated after he was born, but there was a point his dad came into his life at some point, however, that did not work out. According to the actor, his dad later rejected him by choosing his new wife and family over him.

Taymesan said; “My dad and mum were teenage lovers. They had me early. So, my granny had to raise me. My dad tried at some point. But the only time that he chose me, somebody got in the way. His new wife.

“I felt rejection on the highest level. I felt that my dad chose his wife over me and has chosen her till today. And his new family.”

He said initially he was striving to be successful to prove those who rejected him wrong but after hitting stardom, he asked God to heal him because he realised that “so much damage has been done”.