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Women openly buy and sell charms to entrap men and milk all their money, yet there’s no outrage or arrests – Lady blows hot



A Twitter lady has expressed disgust at the manner in which women openly market charms to be used on rich men they wish to exploit or date.

According to the lady with handle @Girl_isBlessed, women buy and sell charms for the purposes of using it to milk men of their money.

While making a comparison, she explained that if a man were to drug a lady and sleep with her, there would be outrage, but women regularly charm men without there being any outrage or arrests.

In her words; ”Women openly market charms that keep Men vulnerable in order to milk all their money,

Women openly buy, no outrage, no arrests.

If a man lace a girl’s drink To sleep with her he’s a monster.

If a woman use dark powers to milk a man’s wealth she’s securing the bag.

One day…

She dresses well, speaks fluently, beautiful, firm boobs, but there’s a smelly concoction in her hand bag?

Dirty, Smelly, disgusting set of people.

U have them as friends, u support them, u celebrate their “Wins” on ur WhatsApp status.

Murder*rs in lingerie.

One day…”

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