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Women narrate experiences of how they use juju to ‘trap’ men



Women have taken to Twitter to narrate how they use black magic also known as charms (juju) to get men to like them or be romantically involved.

It all started when a self acclaimed sexual wellness and relationship expert with the Twitter handle @Oloni, took to her account to ask women to narrate their experiences by sending their stories to her via direct message.

The conversation which she shared in a series of tweets was kick-started with the question : “Ladies, shall we have some fun? . After writing a couple of tweets, she started the conversation proper with “LADIES & LADIES only! I want you to DM about a time that you’ve used black magic to woo a guy you liked.”


The women took to Oloni’s dm to share their experiences, which she then shared on the timeline.

Read their stories below;

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