Women in Nigeria are lucky, men don’t give us money here – UK-based Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady who resides in the United Kingdom says her female compatriots in Nigeria have it better than them when it comes to being spoilt by men.

Anike Banks asserted that Nigerian ladies living in the West African nation are lucky but they are unaware.

She explained that unlike what is obtainable back home, in the United Kingdom no man gives money to women freely and easily.

The entrepreneur accused men in England of being stingy. She said that if she were lucky enough to find someone who’ll give her 20 pounds, she would introduce him to our parents.

Anike wrote; “Nigerian women living in Nigeria don’t understand how lucky they are. UK men didn’t give anything. Awon stingy kokoshi.

If someone dares squeeze £20 in my hand I’ll invite him to come meet my parents.”

one user @thefashygram commented; Everyone’s saying this. My sister, friend and even a total stranger I don’t know before said this too. UK boys y’all should do better 💀💀

She replied; “Even the ones moving from Nigeria to here are adapting to that culture.”