Women easily forget kindness, stop spending unnecessarily on us – Pharmacist advises men

A Ghanaian pharmacist has advised men against spending on women because they hardly appreciate the kind gestures and generousity.

The lady said women easily forget acts of kindness done for them by people, so men should stop spending unnecessarily on them.

She argued that a man who starts a relationship with spending big or throws money around in a bid to get a woman’s attention has set a precedent which he will have to keep up with and most likely regret.

According to @anthonana; “Stop spending unnecessarily on women. Most of them easily forget kindness.”

A tweep @9ightstar asked; So what should we do to get there attention

She responded; “You don’t need cash to get a Ladies attention. If you lead with cash, be ready to pay till you die.”

Read other comments below…

@AboladeOlaniran; Na only kids dey spend unnecessarily on them cos they never realised who they are.

@olimehchinonso; Not just women, humans are naturally selfish with their emotions. Are they think is a out themselves

@Antholeee; True. Women forget kindness easily because they get it in abundance, unlike men. But fine boys also forget kindness because women readily shower them with it

@nyakundi_omurwa; Relationship is not about kissing or holding hands. It’s about being with someone who makes you happy in a way that no one else can.

@ericsuikaf; Is just terrible dear. If you feed some women for three years they will forget about you in three days.

@joel_kngz; I will spend on women regardless, na u wey go dey put hope on say dem go value am na u go loose but I’ll spend on women na where how the money fit sweet me. When u ball like 10 girls in a month, na u go dey run from them sef

@GaryWeweson; If una get issue…at the end “what have you done that another person hasn’t done” Person bf open store for am…All the spending will come to when you be my wife…End.

@Yunrichnigga; Word! I’ve known this for ages. Spending won’t make her want you or give a fuck about you. Doesn’t mean you can’t give or help though. Just don’t spend cos you feel it would give you a chance to have her.