Women are the prize even when we are broke – Skit-maker, Ashmusy [Video]

Nigerian skit-maker, Amarachi Amusi, better known as Ashmusy, has said that it is perfectly okay for women to have high standards while choosing a man.

The content creator and entrepreneur said women are the prize, and even if they are broke or rich, they can decide to go for only men who have houses and expensive cars.

Ashmusy stated this in an episode of Spill With Phyna podcast, emphasising that being the prize means a variety of men will come for ladies and they have the right to settle for the one that meets their criteria.

Skit-maker, Ashmusy women are the prize

She also said that if girls still want to marry a poor man out of love, then it is still her choice, to either suffer or endure with him.

The skit-maker, however said that, on her part, since she is established, she set her standard right and pick the type of man she wants.

Ashmusy said; “It’s your choice, even if you are small, broke, rich and you want to set a standard that you want to date a man that drives a car or has houses, you have the right to set the standard.

“You are the prize as a woman, so it’s your choice. Being the prize means that they will come for you, you decide who you want. That’s my opinion. If another girl too wants to use love to marry someone that does not have anything at all, it’s still her choice.”

Watch her speak below:

In another news…

Popular Nigerian singer, Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, better known as Spyro has revealed the type of woman he would like to marry.

The ‘Very Fine Girl’ crooner said his ideal woman is one who knows God and does ‘bad things’ in private just for him.

Spyro, who described such class of women as “Jesus’ baddies”, insisted that his future wife must dress and speak well, and not be mediocre.

The singer made the disclosure in a recent interview with Hip TV where he talked about his his music genre and relationship.

Spyro said; “My spec is a Jesus’ baddie. That’s my spec: Know God but be a baddie. Don’t be a mediocre because you know God. Dress well and speak well. Do those things that bad girls do but do it for your husband alone.”