“Women are not good people ” – Man who traveled to Cross River, Akwa Ibom to search for true love gives up after 6 months

A Nigerian man who went viral earlier this year for traveling to Calabar, Cross River and Akwa Ibom in search of true love, has abandoned his objective as a result of disappointment.

It all started in April 2023, when the digital marketer traveled from Lagos to Cross River state for the sole purpose of looking for women with big derriere to fall in love with.

The man known on Twitter as @kayzywizzzy, shared a screenshot of his chat with a friend who suggested he should leave his city. He had cried out to his friend that he was tired of the single life and was not sure he would find true love in Lagos state.

Man akwa ibom true love

The content promoter said he needed a slim pretty lady with big backside and his buddie told him that whatever his spec is, she can be found in Calabar, the Cross River state capital.

@kayzywizzzy decided to fly out to Cross River the next day to commence his search for the woman of his dreams.

He shared a photo of him at the entry to Calabar and captioned the post: “Chasing my dreams ✈️”

Man true love calabar cross river

But on May 17, he tweeted that Calabar girls made him realise that they don’t have love to give but they can offer him their derriere.

However, few weeks ago, he decided to take another person’s suggestion and went to Akwa Ibom state to try his luck at finding love.

Sadly for him both adventures did not go as desired because he chose to discontinue his love-finding mission after six months.

Kayzy Wizzy, in a post on October 10, went on to say ”women are not good people” and revealed that he was heading back home.

He captioned; “Just want to Let y’all know I won’t be Looking for true love anymore for now, women are not good people, On my way back home.”