Woman’s brothers tie her husband to tree, flog him for constantly beating her

A married man has been subjected to a tortuous punishment for allegedly always physically assaulting his wife.

The woman was said to have cried about suffering domestic violence on numerous occasions and her brothers were fed up with the reports of assault.

They got hold of the man and decided to teach him a lesson by tying him to a tree and giving him some strokes of the cane.

A video which has gone viral on social media showed the man stripped and tied firmly to the trunk of a tree with rope as they descended on him.

He started apologising as the cane touched his bare back and they charged at him continuously while warning him never do such to their sister again.

Watch the video below:

In related news, a Nigeria lady identified as Chichi Peter, has expressed sadness about what her husband revealed happens whenever they fight.

She said that his business is usually negatively affected and he loses customers after they must have gotten into a domestic argument.

Taking to a Christian Facebook group, she asked for suggestions and advice on what could be wrong and how to solve the problem.

According to the Delta native, whenever she is sad, her husband also suffers a setback in his business and as a result of this strange occurrence, he was advised not to offend her.

Chichi wrote; “Good morning everyone please I need help. My husband said anytime we quarried he will have issues in his business and anytime I am not happy he will lose customers.

I don’t know why he even said they told him to not offend me. I am confused. Please no insult.”