Woman writes offences committed against her by neighbours and shares the papers

A Nigerian man has shared the weird action a woman in his neighbourhood has taken against those who have offended her in the area.

He said she usually type writes and prints offences committed against her by each of her neighbours and shares them to different people.

Twitter user @Olanreniwaju, who made this known on the microblogging platform, posted photos of the printed documents clearly showing house location in proximity to the woman and the offences they committed against her.

According to him, the woman in question is a teacher and she often gives the offences list to someone to type for her.

Olanreniwaju wrote; ”There is a woman in my area that usually TYPE and PRINT what everyone in her street have done to her every year and share it all around the town!

I KID you not!!! She actually gave someone to type it and i can’t imagine the person’s reaction.”

See the post:

In reaction, tweep @KachiEkwerik said; Delusions of persecution is often one of the first signs of Schizophrenia. This person might be mentally ill. Get them help.

@WoleOgundare; What exactly is going on around this Johnson Street axis?? Why don’t they all have marriage certificates???

@mydeji247; Chronic schizophrenia with a generous touch of Xenophobia.

@Borntoenjoy2; You name will surely be in the next episode 😂; Tell Olanrewaju the Yoruba man that carried my matter to Twitter to leave me alone.😂

@Living_JustCus; Just imagine being the cyber cafe person she gave this project to type, But..what if………..👀

@rotilaw; When I initially read the headline, I was expecting to see that this happened in the UK, quite shocked that this is here in Lagos.

@Priscy_Robinson; This woman needs someone around, this is serious. I don’t even know if I should laugh or feel somehow for her.

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