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Woman with black eye claims husband’s brother beat her for talking about their marital problems on social media (Video)



A Nigerian woman has gone online to lament bitterly over the assault she experienced at the hands of her brother-in-law.

She alleged that her husband’s brother beat her up for disrespecting her husband and going on social media to tell strangers about the issues they’re having in their marriage.

The married lady shared a video and showed off her badly bruised face with a black eye and swollen cheeks.

She broke down in tears while talking heaping curse on her husband’s brother for assaulting her, and it seemed someone was cautioning her from the background but she said she does not care about the consequences.

”Bro in-law beat me up that I disrespected his brother and posted our issues on social media,” she wrote in the video caption.

She said; ”It will not be well with you for making me go through this.”

Watch the video below:

Social media users were swift to react to the video with some giving controversial takes on what is the right thing to be done.

Agroup argued that she posted the video as part of clout chasing for social media, while some said that she should heed the warning to stay off social media. Others advised her to leave the marriage before the domestic violence reaches an extent that she would not recover from

ishas_world; Brother in-law mashofo ni….oloriburuku somebody😂😂

mhiz_gato; Where una Dey meet all this kind people tori olorun

247thriftbalewarehousebackup; Biko local woman has tire for Tik Tok video 😩🧐

onwuvumpe; Madam this is not true please if you don’t have family I’m here

yassy_gold; Stay there , you are in love till they commot your eyes

osas_0090; Abeg way ur own brothers if u nor get brothers come hire brothers 3k pair one, but as dis face b so we go run am for u 1500 pair one brother 😒😒😤😤

dr_akgodogwu; Stay off the damn social median then

iclass_photography; Lol! Hope is not for TikTok video sah 🙄

dark_koko_butter; Lol I wish I was your sister rn😭😭😭 Cheyyy pele dear

michaels_andrey; Your husband dey craze

ms_gloriaa_; Lol, well sha. God know him children sha 😂

onlyonedeola23; Wooooow😂 woooooooooow 😂 wooooooooooow😂 I Dey laugh I Dey cry like maybe na lie sha 😮

faheedatlove; If any brother in law try this with me ehn 😂😂😂😂😂, I laugh in peace

bmgonstage; I smell clout chasing for engagement. We might soon see another video like “sorry guys I was the lady in that viral video,please o I was just acting”

iam_datmarcello; Haaa which kind husband you marry it’s the duty of husband to position his family the way they will respect her wife so Na the husband fault, it’s never right to talk down your wife in the present of your family it will bring disrespect to her.

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